Posted by: Financial Sith Lord | November 27, 2009


Welcome to Master the Art of Finance blog. This blog will elaborate the intrinsic world of high finance, a world that is tucked away safely from the masses, and reserved only for the privileged. Throughout the years, a fraction of this world had leaked to the masses, especially in the cases of high return investment mechanism and leveraged structured financing systems. These leakages were smoothly covered up by creating fraudulent agencies that promotes negative propaganda of such ingenious financial and investment mechanics, with the hope that over time, it would mystify the masses on the existence of such mechanics and permanently judged as non-existent or fictitious.

This blog will systematically elaborate the structures and mechanisms of various financial and investment models, capable of generating phenomenal returns and leverage, currently practised and used by the privileged community. It includes but not limited to;

– Leveraged Investment Trade Lines
– Leveraged Debt / Credit Banking Instruments
– Leveraged Asset-To-Credit Ratio
– Actual Privileged Investment ROIs
– Many more..

These topics will be elaborated on a weekly basis, 1 topic at a time. It would allow the readers to digest the staggering revelations, and utterly understands the structures and mechanics.

So please do regularly visit this blog and watch out for the latest revelation.


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