Posted by: Financial Sith Lord | December 5, 2009


Recently, I posted a suggestion to our PM in a blog duped for all Malaysians. After submitting the comments, and after re-visiting it several times for the following days, I found that the comments and suggestions were never put up. I wonder, why was it not put up? The blog propagates unity amongst all Malaysians and that all views, comments and suggestions will be heard.. What about mine?

Anyway, the subject matter was actually the topic of my previous post.. On how the Malaysian Government can proceed with the purchase of the Eurocopters without financially burdening the tax payer’s pocket. Resulting of them snubbing me, I began to wonder.. If such information, that was suggested to them by me, had offended certain quarters of the know-how people currently designating 5-figured salary posts in the government. Or am I going to find out from the news or dailies in the near future that the ‘Think Tank’ of the government suddenly comes up with a brilliant plan to structure a private financing scheme for the Eurocopter deal.. People, I will not be surprised..

Basically, what the Malaysian government are doing is basically called a cover-up. A distortion to the truth. But compared to what the privileged communities are doing are far worst. They deprive ordinary people of making a fortune for themselves, and this is exactly what this blog is all about.

I’m gathering more information and recollecting on my past experiences on how the privileged community manupilates the international banking, financial and investment world. All will come in good time.


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