Posted by: Financial Sith Lord | December 17, 2010

GLC – Godzilla Living Comfortably, a message for new Leaders..

Through Twitter, I read of a headline that intrigued me. It reads ‘MACC and SC call on cops over Sime Darby’s energy unit’.. I clicked the link and read on.. What I could gather is that MACC and SC had shared their findings with the Royal Malaysian Police over findings of corruption, mismanagement and misappropriations in the Sime Darby’s subsidiary. It further reports that a GM of one of those companies are to be charged over such offense. My opinion, that’s just the small fish in a big pond.

It is safe to assume that these misdemeanors surfaced due to the recent successful merger of the Synergy Drive group, which includes Sime Darby. Some skeletons are just too rotten to be kept, and some potholes are too big to cover. With the Prime Minister’s efforts in creating a conducive corporate environment by the recent house-keeping measures, more and more buried faults are surfacing, highlighting the greediness and relentless pursuance of wealth by Malaysians, regardless if its done the right or wrong way. Findings such as the Sime Darby’s simply reflects that the shareholders and the public had been milked substantially to accord the living lifestyles of the Malaysian rich and famous.. yes, not all of them, but mostly, the GLC linked ones..

That comes to highlight my title.. GLC… Godzilla Living Comfortably.. We, Malaysians have been contributing our hard-earned money by way of taxes and charges to fund the Government, and in turn, finance these corporations so that these Godzillas can (and has always been) raking handsomely through contracts and procurements, thus enabling them to live a life of extravagance and lavish richness, until to a point they turn to become monsters.. a GODZILLA.. forgetting their identities, values and community they come from. To prove my point, just a few days ago, I read a newspaper article that reported of the ongoing investigation on a malay has-been corporate player, so famously known for his tower in Jalan Ampang, and owning a cellular telecommunication network, before it was sold to TM.

Over the years, we have funded many of these has-been corporate players.. MANY!!.. and yet these people has the audacity to snub people like us in public, and even turn down social event sponsorship requests.. They eat using our money, send their children to great schools using our money.. buy expensive cars using our money, buy lavish private jets using our money…get into extra marital entanglements using our money… and bloody hell, appear in newspapers and magazines being the Chieftains of Industries… Damn it.. What difference do these people have in comparison to a get-rich-quick operator?

All I’m saying is that, there are Chieftains of Industries that are hardworking, honest and trustworthy amongst us, and you can see it through the way they manage their businesses and contributing it back to society.. We know who they are.. but its the people that we don’t know that’s tearing up the Malaysian economy.. At the end of the day, the ones that’s suffering are the same people that made them bloody rich in the first place. These kind of people must be punished.

The new management of Malaysia (PM at the helm) is going towards the right way in eradicating all the nonsensical elements that dampens Malaysia’s true growth potentials, and preparing it for greater achievements, in legacy of Tun Mahathir’s paved ways. All previous leaders had made their mistakes, yet they counter it with great achievements and progress. At some point, such blunders must be addressed so as to avoid incidents of greater effects in the future. Our children should not be paying for our mistakes, nor should the grand-children being responsible for the grand-parent’s mistakes. I hope that YAB PM Najib Razak addresses his mistakes also now, and not only addressing mistakes made by previous leaders. He is approaching everything systematically and yes I can see that. All Malaysians can see that.

Just a friendly reminder to all the ‘selected ones’ appointed to run GLCs in the future… Keep your head low, and remember where you come from.. Don’t simply brush voices from the masses.. hear them out.. Don’t be drifted by the fantasy of living a god, as done by failed leaders before you.. By doing so, you’ll fail catastrophically.. and drive us all to ruins.. Yes, us.. the people who funded you in the first place..

The true wealthy Malaysians are those who walks to school, takes the taxis, buses and LRTs.. Who buys the cheapest rice and breads, living humbly amongst the society.. and pay taxes and zakats, contributes some money during friday prayers at the mosques.. eats at road-side stalls, and enjoys teh tarik with sugar and milk.. Consumes non-organic products and subscribes to the cheapest mobile post-paid plan.. These are your true wealthy Malaysians.. As a single entity, they may appear harmless, but stand united… they can easily coup-de-tart the entire Malaysian industries..

What say you?



  1. Most of the times blogs are the same but i think you can add some value. Cheers !

    • Dear Jeana, thanks for the pointers. I’m always eager to find ways to improve my weblog. Please feel free to comment and suggest what needs to be done, so that readers of my weblog would have a better experience visiting my site. Appreciate your help.

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