Posted by: Financial Sith Lord | December 26, 2010

Best version of Ice Dessert in Malaysia

Recently, I happened to stop by Bandar Baru Nilai. With my wife and youngest son, we went there to settle some outstanding matters related to wife’s daunting career. The day was rather hot. Scorching heat of the afternoon reached 34 degrees Celsius.
After amicably settling what that needs to be settled, we decided to swing by an outlet, that I first noticed when we entered the town. I figured that it has a nice theme to settle our increasing bodily heat as well as the brewing hunger of our stomachs.

After ordering what was in the menu, (the food is not worth mentioning here), I decided to treat myself with some Icy dessert.. Strawberry Ice Snow… When it first served in front of me, what stuck out in its presentation was the interesting contrast of the flower shaped green plastic bowl, pearl white snow flakes topped with a bright red strawberry fruit.

I took the first spoon into my mouth expecting a tasteless blow of icy flakes, but was delightfully surprised with a tinge of sweetness that lingered the milky icy snow flakes, as it rapidly melts on my tongue. The strawberry fruit, alongside the milky sweet icy snow flakes brought goose bumps to my spine as it presented a delightful and refreshing taste to my palette. The ratios of condiments that made up the dessert dish was perfect.. Nothing too much or too little. Everything was just right.

What I remembered most was the texture of the icy flakes itself.. It was shredded in small tiny icy particles that elegantly melts without much effort needed to munch it. Now, that’s one hell of a perfect ice snow dessert I’ve ever tasted. I’ve searched various places throughout Malaysia for an acceptable, conceivable and tasty ice dessert (widely known as Ice Kacang in Malaysia), but the quality of the shaved ice and the quantity of condiments that goes along with it, can never match the ones served here.

Sith Lord’s Ratings (1-10): 9.5
Price Ratings: 9.0

Place: Ice Room, Bdr Baru Nilai
Negeri Sembilan
Location: latitude: 2.80951
longitude: 101.80348



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