Posted by: Financial Sith Lord | December 27, 2010

Best & Cheapest Duck Dish – So far

Firstly, let me explain to you that I could never bring myself to swallow any parts of Donald or Daffy Duck, as my throat would dearly reminisce these cartoon characters. each and every time the idea of eating a duck dish comes to my head.. or even brought up as a conversational subject. However, my dearest wife, Fazlina Dato’ Ahmad Daud, alongside my mother and brother, do share the same passion of bellying duck dishes, often searching local spots that serves the delicacy in a variety of cooking styles.. Roasted, deep fried, braised… you name it, they’ve tasted it..

Anyways, through I’m totally aghast of ducks as an eating item, I do trust the taste buds and palettes of my loved ones, especially my wife, whom I share this culinary hobby with. Recently, I was told of a place (by my brother) that served wonderful duck preparations at a reasonably cheap price. Off course, that triggered the excitement of both my wife and mother (the two of three pre-dominant women in my life, the other being my daughter!!). So, to cut the story short, I managed to find some time, and brought my family to a dinner treat..

The place is located in the up-scaled shopping centre of Bangsar Village (new wing), tucked nicely on the second floor, opposite Borders Bookstore. The interior decor was of minimalist, with lights strategically located and pointed towards eating tables. Positioning of tables are practical, an easy access for the fast serving waiters and mobility of guests.

My wife ordered the Crispy Duck Red Curry Noodle, priced at RM 9.90.. (The most expensive line of dishes are priced at RM 9.90!!.. Surprisingly for an eatery in Bangsar Village!!) Besides Ducks, they do serve Chicken, Beef and Fish but the latter are of limited variety. All dishes are noodle based, from yellow eggs  to glass noodles (thus self explaining the name of the place!!), with an occasion of  non-noodle desserts.. That’s another story..

Safe to say, both my wife and mother do dearly enjoyed their Duck preparations, having going vainly around places in search for a good duck dish, until off course, they found this place.. Based on both of their taste palettes, I can safely conclude a rating, which I will, at the end of this post.

Now, let’s talk about the dessert.. This dish I had the honor of tasting it myself. I ordered the Banana Fritters, a Fried Banana with Ice Cream, priced at RM 5.90. It served 1 whole breaded banana, served with home-made coconut ice cream and glazed with maple syrup. On the first taste, I was taken to 5th heaven, amidst the coolness of the air-conditioning in the eatery, that sent goose bumps through my spine.. (if you noticed, very seldom do I get goose bumps from eating something, thus when I get one, it means its darn good!!). The texture of the banana itself intrigues me. The outer layer is the crispy fried batter but the inside is an almost mushy mashed banana, that compliments well with the ice cream. The taste are an intensity of sweet hot and cold , paired with crunchy and soft textures, which lingers in your mouth way after the bite has reached your stomach.. I tried to replicate it at home but failed, I could not get the texture of the batter and the softness of the banana. I did an experiment once where I barbecued a whole banana on top of a raging barbecue flame, and the result was a mushy state of banana. If the Chef had done this prior to dipping the banana in the batter, wow!!… That would have been something…

So, here’s my ratings for the place.

Sith Lord’s Verdict:
Ambience:  8
Service:  8
Price:  9
Taste:  9
Presentation: 7


Canoodling, Level 2, Bangsar Village (New Wing)
Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur



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    • Hi,
      in regards to my RSS feed, all you have to do is click on the ‘RSS – Post’ link on the Subscribe, RSS Links tab (located on the right column), which will take you to my RSS Feed page. Just select the address displayed on the navigation box and copy it to your RSS Reader. The only thing is that, you need to replace the word ‘feed’ at the beginning of the web address and change it to http instead. (feed:// => change it to http).

      That should do the trick!!..


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