Posted by: Financial Sith Lord | December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010.. Thank you for being there for us..

Today marks the final day of 2010.. Many things had happened, various experiences were felt, many moments went through, some sad, some happy, some dawning, some enlightening, some foul, some sweet… but all these elements made me a different person, compared to the person writing this weblog on the 31st of December 2009.

Like a bottle of an unopened wine, it changes its texture, taste and color through time.. That’s what we are… You may still have the same name, almost the same face, and maybe the same body built, but the qualitative values in every one of us changed as a result to exposing our inner-selves to all the things that had happened throughout 2010.

As for me, I’m a bit calmer, more focused, not easily agitated by provocations thrown at me by life, more spiritual, and more financially and technologically savvy… I’ve also learnt to appreciate life more, appreciate those around you more.. especially my loved ones.. as like what happened to me at the beginning of 2010, I lost 3 souls within my close family circle, all in a period of 31 days… 2 expected (due to long-term illnesses) and 1 sudden demise (she passed away in a motorbike crash while on a biking trip up north of Malaysia). I had to endure the aftermath of these deaths, seeing the surviving members struggling within, to cope with their respective losses. Some turned out being better persons, some just went berserk and lost their way..

Malaysia, in overall, showed some signs of recovery, both economically and politically. Cleaning up the messes created by past leaders are no joking matter. Prime Minister Najib Razak has so far paved the right way, as we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. The FBMKLCI is bullish, which might attract participation from foreign investors.. The government is in the midst of massive house-keeping, cleaning up and eradicating corruption and mismanagement. More and more abandoned housing and public projects are being revived, moneys are spent wisely..

On the political scene, what the PM did has basically won substantial voters that were previously either on the fence or jumped onto the sodomy band wagon. Day by day we saw the unscrupulous opposition leaders unraveling the truth of their cause, which has deviated from what they initially professed.. UMNO finally realized that it’s the grass-roots that matters, and taking action to solve grass-root problems.. MCA accepted their defeat and made changes way before UMNO.. MIC finally has a new leader, and taking measures to reach out to young Malaysian Indians.

Malaysian sports are showing tremendous prospects of growth, and if we were to keep it up (yes, we included.. without our support, the teams would not triumph!!), it will not be long before we achieve greater success in bigger sporting events.. MSN (Majlis Sukan Negara) are doing a good job in maintaining standards of Malaysian athletes, and are adapting the Good-Spirit parenthood method towards all National sporting bodies… MSN was always there be it when you’re down, or winning games..

On the distribution of wealth and opportunities amongst Malaysians, it’s an area where the Prime Minister has not touched yet.. It’s rather rampant and people are suffering silently because of it. Financial legislation in Malaysia is still a death trap, despite the recent address of the Parliament in regards to Insolvency and Bankruptcies. People trapped in the middle (FIS , CTOS and CCRIS systems) are still being punished indefinitely for their (or other  people’s) mistakes.. Banks can still rob your money and get away with it.. Some will claim that it is a legitimate internet transaction, and some will say that it’ll take 6-8 months to return the money to your account (now that’s a cheap short-term loan for the banks.. They can take RM 100 from 10,000 accounts and return the money to you after 8 months… meaning, they’ve managed to get a 0% interest for their 8 months lending of RM 1 million!!.. smart eh??).. Some banks offers capital guarantee for their unit trust products (for a minimum period of 3 years), only to declare profits of 0.025% for a 3-year investment at the end of it!! (While they raked in the remaining 99.975% profit.. Purpose: to finance their acquisitions!!)..

Blind people still walks the roadsides, begging and bagging lots of money from unsuspecting giving Malaysians.. They make more than a GLC’s CEO salary in a month!!.. Getting a job for ages below 28 is a breeze.. It’ll be a typhoon if you’re a hot chick!! But for talented people of ages above 30s, you can either forget about getting a job, or switching careers, as you’ll be left to dry. I’ve personally tried to apply for a job through the local and regional job sites, and after 16 months of trying, not even a call from potential employers (total applications submitted: 368 to-date… calls: 0!!) What’s left for us, either we start up a business, and try to excel in it, or we just simply go find an empty plot of land, and start an inspiring agriculture business (balik kampong, tanam jagong!!)..

I’m not at all bitter about things in life.. As a matter of fact, these things pushes my mental and spiritual threshold to greater heights and limits. Like I said before, I’m a new person.. more calmer.. more spiritual.. It takes 1.2 million muscles in our body to be angry.. but it only takes 1 muscle to show your middle finger!!..

What say you?


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