Posted by: Financial Sith Lord | January 2, 2012

Enter 2012… Twenty Twelve..

It’s been long since my last posting. Due to many reasons… But what drove me to write again was the conclusion of 2011 and the arrival of 2012. 2011 was not a particularly good year for me. Many finds that 2011 (which contains the number 11, or grave stones) brought monotonous or non-progressive movement to their lives, businesses or endeavors. Maybe its due to these understandings and superstitions which resulted the entirety of the effect. Many believed that 2011 was a grave stone year, where if they were to embark in new businesses, they would suffer tremendous losses. This results to them not expanding their businesses, and not seeking or opening doors to new opportunities, which subsequently results to stagnant performance. You simply don’t go anywhere, and when you don’t go anywhere, you start chipping away on your savings and contingencies.

On the political front, the Barisan Nasional unleashed a series of PR campaigns aimed at capturing or recapturing the hearts of the Malaysian citizens. Amongst them are the RM 100 aid for children and the upcoming RM 500 aid for heads of families with earnings below RM 3,000. The BN also re-strategized their defense and security outfits, by combining the Arm Forces with the Royal Malaysian Police Force. Not only does it solves the manpower issue, it also forces the two agencies to combine and share their resources and intelligence, which I feel, would result positively in the future. Not only that, the heads of these two agencies will now have a check and balance partner. The Oppositions would definitely loose out in the upcoming General Elections, especially PKR, which has been nauseating the public with endless wailings and non-factual issues. But let me make it clear, there are parties within the existing government are causing people the same affect.

The financial markets in Malaysia are rather stagnant, non-conducive or non-attractive to foreign investors. International Business icons are predicting the economies of America would not be able to sustain and compete with the rising and emerging Asian markets. Europe are in the brink of bankruptcy with a series of financial bailouts by IMF and the World Bank on use-to-be solid and financially sound countries, such as Portugal, Sweden and Norway. Even with the financial collapse of all these ‘has beens’, they still dominate the voice and power of the UNited Nations. Even the US. Obama promised many things when he ran for the Presidency.. I ca easily say, that only 15% were delivered.  Yes, like I mentioned before, the financial state of the US today was caused by Bush alone.. And probably the financial turmoil faced by England was caused by Blair, for condoning to Bush’s elicit theoretical war against terror..

A disturbing pattern is forming in almost all Islamic states in the middle east, which began from the fall of Saddam Hussein and Muamar Ghadafi.. Now people in Syria, Yemen and even Jordan are beginning to raise against Leaders of Islam. Yes, sometimes, their leadership are questionable, but somehow, in order to achieve the Islamic state, it must be ruled through a totalitarian system.  Progress or adjustments should be made from within and not by outsiders who claims to be in the know of Islam.

With all these happenings, I can only derive this single phrase, which reflects the entirety of 2011…… ‘It’s still the same..’

What say you?


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