Posted by: Financial Sith Lord | February 9, 2012

Astronomical Catastrophe, Political and Economic Threats in Malaysia

Many questions lingers on my head regarding the direction of Malaysia, where its heading, economically and politically.. Rumours has it that the next General Election would be held in 2013, and not in 2012, as predicted earlier.

The consensus shows strong undercurrent amongst the opposition parties of possible power shifts in several opposition led states, namely Penang and Kedah, with internal turmoil and party hopping of members. At the same time, there are also tell-tale signs of trouble within the ruling party in several key states, which might jeopardise the power and controlling equilibrium enjoyed by Barisan Nasional. But one things is for sure, should Barisan fail to improve its political report card, major projects such as the Iskandar Region Development and all the various economic corridors may just collapse, and would be beyond repair even by the opposition. No matter how influential the Opposition Leaders may claim to be, these damages may just be unrepairable.

I sincerely do not know what are the end results of these uneasy currents.

Its also not helping that many Scientist have expressed their concerns over the possible astro disaster, said to happen in December 2012. The media are also playing a part in creating the suspense by showcasing programs on Discovery, National Geographic and History Channels, explaining the scientific facts and evidence of this possible catastrophe, such as the Mayan Calendar, theories of inter-planetary collision of Nibiru and Earth. We also suffered an extraordinary solar outburst which happened in mid January 2012, which resulted to major disturbances in telecommunications and power grids around the world. It is said the Solar Outburst was the biggest in 6 years, for which, it last happened in 2005. Probably there are some truth to such predictions, with the erratic weather conditions we’re facing nowadays. Not to mention the strange ‘non-being’ voices and noises heard in various parts of the world, including Malaysia.

Whether or not such astro related catastrophe will actually happen, can only be determined by time. However, the Government should be more proactive in relating the information to the public, and not just by relaying cover-ups and make up stories. Simple precautionary measures should be channelled to the public, informing them of creative and effective measures of minimising the catastrophic affects should it happen. If it doesn’t, then at least is better to be safe than sorry.

On the grounds, most citizens of Malaysia seems to be oblivious to such threats. Life seems to be going by as normal and people are up to things like nothing is happening. Its hard for me to judge whether its wise to do so or otherwise, but as for me, I’m scouting for safe locations which could at least buffer the affects of any catastrophe should it happen.

What say you??


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