Posted by: Financial Sith Lord | February 15, 2013

The SithLord’s Rise from Slumber

It has been slightly more than a year since my last posting.. which was February 9, 2012. For almost 342 days had I not posted nor commented on any of my postings…. After being critical to almost everything around me, I just felt tired and washed off. 

Much had happened since then. Amongst the notable ones: the passing of my beloved mentor (no, he is not the Master Sith Lord… well.. he was my beloved grandfather, a former Federal Judge later turned business man.. and had the characteristics, sarcasms, mindset and eyes of a Sith Lord..). Others include job offers for me to turn around an ailing public company, being thrown into another round of spiritual and intellectual turn-around, and setting up of a new fresh Private Equity firm, managing Islamic private and institutional investors from various parts of the world.

Yes, you can say that such happenings can’t qualify my Slumber terminology. It is more of a hiatus rather than slumber.

Anyways, the reason for this comeback is more of to document and share with my dear beloved and deeply missed readers of my present and future endeavors which involves and will involve lots and lots of business, corporate, financial engineering, trading, arbitrage, hedging and marketing activities.. not forgetting my opinions and views of surrounding elements such as food, politics, technology and entertainment. This is due to my current position of Group CEO for the Private Equity Firm mentioned earlier. The job description requires me to be a top notch CEO, capable of making millions and billions from nothing, turning the impossibles into possibles, and turning the dead to being alive. Well, you guessed it right.. it’s a job for the Financial SithLord.. and he’s back from the DARK SIDE…

Now, though this posting is meant to be an introduction to my present and future antics, I just have to comment on George Lucas’ move of selling the Star Wars franchise to Disney.. Recently, I saw an interview of Robert A. ‘Bob’ Iger on Bloomberg, about his plans to launch a new release of Star Wars sequels, which may comprise of elaborations and expansion of Luke Skywalker’s legacy of the Jedi’s Order.


Well, if its true, the new and young Jedis would definitely be a bunch of half-skilled Jedis with no sense of self-confidence and vision, unlike previous Jedi Masters such as Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, and the best of all Anakin Skywalker. Why I say this is because Luke had never received the complete Jedi training, only to be trained (partially) by the ailing Yoda, and off-course, through the manifestations of Obi-Wan Kenobi’s force.. His final tasks before being called a Jedi was to kill Darth Vader, which happens to be 2/8’s of Anakin Skywalker.. the other 6/8 is actually machines.. Even then, he could not kill Darth Vader, thus he could never be conferred as a Jedi.. So, whatever legacy he passes down to the younger generations of Jedi, it would be in the impurest form.

Anyway, I’ll be waiting to see what plots and ideas Disney has to throw to all the Star Wars fans.. But definitely, the anxiety of such anticipation is not enough to make me go through another period of blogging hiatus.

What say you? 


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