Posted by: Financial Sith Lord | March 10, 2013

The (Reality) Sith Order – Explained

Many ardent fans of the Star Wars saga has depicted and elaborated various forms or versions of the Sith and Jedi Orders, their respective values, cultures, opinions and fundamental, through various publications and medias over the years. Even George Lucas has penned down a guideline of the Sith Order, its origins and notable leaders. After watching the entire Star Wars episodes again for the…. can’t remember how many times, it dawns on me that the conflict of these two contradicting orders are rather similar to the contradictions faced by Sunni & Shia (which resembles Jedis) and the Sufis (which has an inclination towards Siths).. Now now!!.. Don’t get jumpy… Let me explain…

In Islam, the Sunni and Shias are known to be regimental in their worship and base their principals on obeying the Commands of Allah. Their ultimate goal is to gain entry and acceptance into Heavens and its bounties in their hereafter life, as promised by Allah in many verses and ayats in the Holy Quran.

The Sufis are more ‘free-spirited’ in its conformity and basically are based on love and passion towards Allah. Though their ultimate goal involves being accepted into the heavens, their doctrines towards achieving such goals involves a more complexed passion / obedience / sincerity / love mechanism, and if not managed properly, such passion can lead them to go astray.

Now, let us hypothetically link these information to our main subject… The Jedi Order which can resemble the Sunnis and Shias and the Sith Order can be reflected in the Sufis. Off course, to analyse this correctly, we’d have to remove all negative elements of the Jedis and the Siths, and just focus on their respective jurisprudence.. Jedi = Obey + Force … Sith = Passion + Force.. You see it?

Now that you’re briefly introduced to these conceptions, we’ll skip the Jedi thingy and just focus on the Sith Order.

The Sith Order basically harnesses the power of the darker side of passion (which includes but not limited to anger, hatred, fear, etc..). Even in real life, these emotional elements do bring out super-natural powers within you when you are confronted with any forms of danger or conflicts. The brain would automatically release dosage of adrenalin throughout your body, thus your body would automatically react to protect itself. The SIth Order teaches you to harness and control the direction of your anger, rage, hatred and fear towards achieving your desired objectives (as shown and depicted countless times by Dart Vader, Anakin Skywalker, Senator Palpatine, The Emperor, Count Doku..). However, all these Villains demonstrated subtle forms of positive passion throughout the saga, which was adherence and utmost loyalty and love towards their Masters. For Anakin, it was his great love for Padme that led him to become Darth Vader. Those acts it selves proves that the Sith Order does not entirely base their doctrines on villain acts alone. They have ulterior motives and objectives, which was derived from incidents of the past. Each crime has its reasons.. Why a person steals? Because he has no money to feed his family.. Why a person kills? Because some one he loves was killed by some one, the law could not get him.. Reasons are valid, methods are wrong.. It may be wrong to many, but not to some.. Like the saying goes, a cure for one, a poison to another. Anything that happens in this world is neutral.. What makes it positive or negatives depends on ones perception.. Perception alone decides whether an incident be interpreted as positive or negative..


Now that we have a better understanding of the Sith Order, let me introduce you to the Sith Doctrines of the Financial World. We can easily assume that the presets of the present financial world is managed and operated by a group of Jedi Masters, who strictly abide to the prescribed rules and regulations. They are the ones who manages the banks and financial institutions towards profitability all these years, creating gaps in socio-economies, and widening the spread of wealth amongst communities.

Now the Siths uses their capabilities and expertise in closing the gaps of socio-economies and limiting the spread of wealth created by the Jedi bankers, in an effort to make things right (or ‘make the world a better place’!). But then comes the bad Siths, which basically destroyed the US financial market recently, by creating bogus or over-inflated real-estate based junk bonds, and leveraging it with super risky investments and other leverage trading. You guessed it.. The financial instruments created by Siths penetrates the markets controlled by the Jedis, all hell broke loose!!..

SInce I have fully introduced and geared your mind with these foundations mentioned above, we can now explore the immense world and possibilities of the Financial World as we know it, but through the perspective and Doctrines of the SIth Order.. Off course, you’ll have to wait for it in my next posting.. George took 6 episodes to tell almost everything.. I may need more than that…

What say you..



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