Posted by: Financial Sith Lord | April 3, 2013

Erection of an Election…

With the dissolution of Malaysian Parliament announced by Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Abdul Razak at around 11.32am Malaysian time today (3rd April 2013), it is official that the election foreplay has now evolved to become a full blown pre-coital bustle. What had been a tease for the past 6 – 8 months, which caused erratic, mercurial and sometimes whimsical environments in both the Malaysia’s financial and political circles, has now become a nightmare or land of dreams, depending on which side of the fence you are in.

Throughout the teasing episode, we saw Malaysia’s Bursa Malaysia swinging from bottom to top and left to right, with the big boys (major fund managers and investment houses) staying sidelined, and the market being basically controlled by the retailers and punters. Such climate may not be healthy for the generic investors, but I’m pretty sure that some serious and seasoned traders made some fortune from small gains on some penny stocks.

However, I noticed that just before the dissolution announcement was made, the market went for a short free fall, dropping almost 57 points, before settling in the black at 1,685.40 points. Technically, the free fall had messed up all technical lines, supports and resistances, created by chartists and technical analyst. However my favorite indicators (MACD and RSI) still shows a strong up-trend signal. I’m not too sure for how long such indicators will remain that way. I guess that when the Election results rolls out, then the true direction of the market will be revealed. 

Speaking of Election Results.. Personally, I feel that through out Dato’ Seri Najib’s tenure as Malaysia’s Prime Minister, he had introduced (or tried to) a variety of positive changes, especially in his approach to the Rakyat (people). He had also introduced and implemented new terminologies such as KPI (Key Performance Index), NKRA (National Key Results Areas) etc, instilled communication effectiveness between inter and intra government agencies, and various other initiatives, aimed towards improving the Malaysian’s quality of life. He is more tech-savvy compared to any of his predecessors, friendlier and approachable. What shrouds his positive endeavors are the allegations circling in the grapevine, with subjects or topics inclined towards his personal and spousal lives. Off course, these allegations are fully exploited by those who stands to gain from such exploitation, but vice-versa, the exploiters are also shrouded by many issues and topics, fully exploited by those who stands to gain from such exploitations as well. 


As a citizen of Malaysia, I do see and feel the positive changes implemented by the present Government (until yesterday that is..). There are still many areas and elements that needs attention, repairs and changes, be it politically, commercially and financially, and I know that it would take time for total change to happen. In the US and UK, the citizens had the chance to experience both opposing parties in rule. Example in the US, citizens are familiar with both the Republican and the Democrat’s way of rule, whilst the UK, citizens can differentiate between Labour, Conservative and Liberal party’s style of governance. However in Malaysia, we had only experienced Barisan Nasional’s version of ruling the country. Yes the Pakatan Rakyat had won some states in the last General Election (Kedah, Selangor, Kelantan and Perak for a while), but not enough to rule Putrajaya. Ever since BN lost horribly in the last GE, they had stepped up to the plate and improved many many things, including micor changes within the major component parties such as UMNO, MCA and MIC. They realized their mistakes of being complacent and taking things for granted, and that only happened when they almost lost the country. 

The questions in my mind are these.. Can BN continue to bring positive and total changes to the country? Can Pakatan rule effectively if they were given the chance? Put aside all political promises, lies and bullshits.. When the shovel comes to shove, can Pakatan deliver? We have seen BN deliver and fail, but have we seen Pakatan deliver? 

What say you?




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