Posted by: Financial Sith Lord | May 16, 2013

Honest and down-to-earth Gourmet… Petite Millie (1 Utama)

Last Tuesday, I managed to wiggle some free time and spent some much needed break with my loved ones. Off course, our empty stomachs and epitome-state hunger (for not having lunch earlier in the day), drove us to scattered directions within 1 Utama, in search for some good food. Though the initial target was Carl’s Junior, our sight were side-tracked, drawn to gaze into a relaxed mood ambience restaurant, which had scribbled menu on chalkboards, soft lights and, most importantly, not too many patrons… The sign spells ‘Petite Millie’…

My wife and I are ardent fans of Food Network Asia, and often enjoy spiritual escapades by mentally savoring the images of Quick Bites and Great Eats segments of the channel, not to mention the mind-blowing ‘Best thing I’ve ever had’ video bits.. These mental galavanting would normally induce us into unnecessary hunger spikes, resulting to a bed covered in crumbs of snacks, whilst watching these shows.. So we decided to change the channel nowadays.. to History Channel, in hope that it would bore us to sleep instead. Anyway, that’s another story. Back to Petite Millie..

We were greeted by professional staffs and presented with a very simple, yet straight forward menu, besides the specials of the day, which were proudly portrayed on their walls like how you would portray an original Mona Lisa. First thing I noticed was that their repertoire were no ordinary listing. They had some serious French gourmet food on their menu. We tried the Beef Cheek Poutine, Buttermilk Fried Chicken, Luv a Duck (for my wife) and I had the long beef spicy sausage on mash.

Of all the dishes we tried, the champion goes to….

Beef Cheek Poutine

ImageAccording to the menu, they braised the beef cheek for 6 hours before serving it. I tell you, the beef is so tender, that I mistook the beef fat as melted cheddar cheese. The accompanying sautéed onion and mushroom sauce truly highlights the beef texture and taste to the maximum, accompanied with pinky finger sized blanched fries. The beef chunks were cut into manageable size too, making the effort of sticking the fork into the meat so minimal, you might have thought that its a cheese cake instead. The price was very reasonable for this kind of food standard.

I know I’m no Michelin Guide Reviewer, but I personally would give these guys a 2 Michelin Star. I can’t give them the 3rd star as that would take away their down-to-earth, humble yet powerful and resonating presence. Its great that French food has managed to penetrate the Malaysian food lovers market, other wise dominated by Italian, English and Japanese delicacies..

All I can say is… la nourriture merveilleuse, une ambiance agréable, des prix abordables, très bien situé. Une expérience française en effet.

Petite Millie
G146 Ground Floor,
1Utama Shopping Centre
Bandar Utama
Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-7732 0395


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