Welcome to the Financial Sith Lord’s blog on Mastering the Art of Finance.

On this blog, many financial and investment terminologies, methodologies, mechanism, structures, mythical and facts will be elaborated for the benefit of everyone. It would reveal trade secrets practised by secluded real-life investment traders and institutions that could actually generate out-of-this-world returns. Many have claimed to be able to make such profits but virtually none of them could deliver. The true investment traders and institutions do not reveal themselves and make such programs public. They would normally do it for themselves only. Their understanding is that money can be found anywhere, anytime. But the proper workable and effective high-return investment mechanics are like a meteorite that comes from the sky.. its extremely rare and hard to find.

The information that you’re about to discover through this blog are simply priceless. The value exceeds any commodities of the world, as such commodity’s gain rate are a million times slower in comparison to rate of profits that you are able to achieve.

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The Financial Sith Lord is a former COO of a Public Company that specializes in Islamic Private Equity, Venture Capital and Investment Management, with an overall portfolio value exceeding US$ 15 billion. Trained in International Business as well as Financial Engineering and Quantitative Analysis from universities in the UK, he spearheaded the company in capturing high-net-worth investors from Europe, Middle East and South East Asia. Via his liaisons with these investors that he developed and structured customized financial and investment models, aimed at maximizing leverage and returns, whilst minimizing (and sometimes eliminating) risks. Slowly, these mechanisms and structures were used by investment houses and banks for their own benefits. Though some mechanisms and structures may vary, but all originated from his original blue-prints.

He is an avid fan of Star Wars and a true believer of the Sith Order. His understanding is that the Sith Order empowers greater spectrum of the force in comparison to the Jedis. Such can only be achieved by manipulating the emotions and thoughts to take control of the force. Jedis prefers to abstain from mixing the two when it comes to managing the force. The Financial Sith Lord’s principles are to take control of the emotions and thoughts, thus letting the controlled emotions and thoughts to take charge of the force. That way, greater things can be achieved safely..

In his years of involvement in the international financial and investment industry, this philosophy has helped him structure numerous investment and financial mechanisms that generated outstanding results. It is due to this capability that he is being sought after by many international corporate leaders, business owners, investors and entrepreneurs.

He started his career as a Trader for a Japanese Futures firm. There he developed his trading skills in the futures market, and soon gained the trust of his bosses when he was assigned to head a trading desk. All this at a tender age of 22. He then climbed the corporate ladder when he was offered the job of Deputy General Manager cum Chief Fund Manager for a licensed Asset Management Company based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. There, he basically structured the entire trading, backroom and treasury operations of the company. He also spearheaded the sales and trading team, making tremendous returns for his clients.

He later joined a Malaysian based investment holding company as Director for Treasury (for a short period of time) before he was approached by an international business tycoon. He was offered a General Manager cum Chief Operating Officer position of a London-based Private Equities firm. As part of the company’s expansion program, he assisted the company in setting up a Malaysian entity to house its local and regional operations. There, he spearheaded the sales, business development as well as the investment team in managing a portfolio of more than US$ 15 billion.

After 17 years of busy and hectic life, he’s taking a short breather in his career, with hope at seeing things from a broader perspective. This weblog serves as his journal of past experiences, thoughts, opinions, ideas and expressions, to be shared by the world.

Updated 22 December 2010: With all the mastery in finance and investments, the Financial Sith Lord is still after all, human. A being that faces life with all the ordinary needs and wants, be it for food, entertainment, social interactions, to gadgetry.. All opinions and thoughts shall be splurged on to this weblog, relentlessly. Hey, there’ll even be ratings and comments from now on.. even jokes and hilarious ideas, just to make things lighter.. The Sith Order approaches not just through straight forward path, it comes from every directions imaginable..